This is an email received from one of Qoppa’s PDF Studio user highlighting features present in PDF Studio that are lacking in Adobe Acrobat. It’s always good to hear nice feedback. Thank you, Amy!

I am trying to get my company to purchase additional PDF Studio Pro licenses and and in an effort to do that, I highlighted some of the features PDF Studio Pro has that Acrobat XI (not sure about DC) does not have. These are features I didn’t see mentioned on your website and probably don’t matter to most users, but wanted to let you know in case it helps in the future and to make sure these features do not get discontinued in new releases.

1. PDF Studio Pro can change the size of the text of multiple text boxes (comment annotations) at once. Acrobat requires you to highlight the text within the annotation box for EACH annotation.
2. The same also applies to changing the text color (Acrobat can do fill and box color, but not text color for multiple boxes at once)
3. PDF Studio Pro has real-time preview of re-sizing annotation box. In Acrobat you have to re-size before you know if you made the box large enough or small enough.

(Can you tell I REALLY prefer PDF Studio?).

Kindly, Amy Garrett