This is a review about our software PDF Studio that we received from a Mac user:

Excellent PDF software! I just want to say how difficult it is to understand what it is you’re getting from software these days. There is so much out there for Mac, most online reviews are very superficial, etc. I spent many hours researching alternatives for Adobe Acrobat, downloaded what I thought was a feature-rich piece of software for $60, found it wasn’t, and then more or less stumbled upon yours…

I just want to say how pleased I was to see how much substance you put into your software. I just wish it had been easier to find. I have not purchased it yet (still “evaluating” it), but I will probably do so shortly.

I’m also impressed with your online user guide, as well as the multi-platform support. So much software is offered without a user guide, depending on a “knowledge base” to help people learn.  Very inefficient…

John Thompson
Milwaukee, WI