Q: Do you offer a .deb Debian package installer for PDF Studio?

A: Yes, we do have a .deb package installer available. However, due to the nature of these packages there are possible issues that can cause functionality issues on certain Linux distributions. We do recommend using our standard Linux .sh installer instead available in PDF Studio download page.

‘.deb’ installers are essentially zip files that are uncompressed into the installation folder and since they are not executing installation actions, there are many things not done as a result.

During installation with standard script installer we edit various files in the PDF Studio installation directory to modify default settings files and the vmoptions file to include the user home vmoptions. None of these actions can be performed on archive installers (i.e. ‘.deb’) causing various issues depending on the Linux distro. Since we cannot create a separate package for every possible Linux distribution / flavor we currently only have a standard bundled package that will try it’s best to accommodate various Linux OS differences.

Known Possible Issues

Below is a list of known reported issues by users running the ‘.deb’ installer.

  • 4k High DPI display issues
  • No desktop icon created on install
  • PDF Studio missing from “Open with” menu
  • Language specific defaults may not load correctly (defaulting to English)
  • Application memory settings in preferences may not be save or load correctly
  • Can only be installed in the ‘/opt’ directory
  • Open USB Smart Card Hardware PKCS11 signing may not work

Download Link

PDF Studio Latest Release: .deb Installer Package

Disclaimer: We can only provide very limited support for the ‘.deb’ installer packages.