Q: I use Linux KDE desktop, I can’t copy and paste annotations on PDF Studio. How can I solve this issue?

A: When you copy and paste content on KDE desktop, it is handled by the Klipper/Clipboard app. There can be issues with the interaction between this app and our application PDF Studio that prevent the clipboard from being handled properly.

In order to solve this issue, try the following workarounds:

Ubuntu 20.04 KDE and newer:

Enable “Selection and Clipboard” option

Go to Configure screen

On General tab, check “Selection and Clipboard” option and select OK

Any how your knowledge base entry gave me a hint to search for the solution. For me it only works when I activate option highlighted on the screen below.

For older versions:

  • Option 1: Disable “Prevent empty clipboard” option
    • Under System Tray, look for the Clipboard icon
    • Right-click on the clipboard icon
    • Select “Configure Clipboard”
    • Un-check “Prevent empty clipboard” option and click “Apply” button
  • Option 2: Disable Klipper/Clipboard app
    • Under System Tray, right click on the arrow icon
    • Select “Configure System Tray”
    • Look for Clipboard app and Select “Disable” option and click Apply button.
  • If the issue still happens, you can try to press “Ctrl+ C” multiples times and then press “Ctrl + V”