Q: In PDF Studio 6, when I try to set a bookmark for any given page, the bookmark is set for the previous page. For instance, while on page 3, I set the bookmark to page 3 and the system sets the bookmark to page 2. 

A: In Continuous Page View mode, when adding a bookmark for page 3 with page 2 still visible in the scroll pane (even if it’s only the bottom of page 2), PDF Studio 6 will create the bookmark for page 2.

The behavior in version 6 is that the bookmark preserves the exact current view on the screen (Bottom of Page 2 + Page 3 showing). And, in the PDF format, it is not possible to create a bookmark on Page 3 in such a way that Page 2 is still showing in continuous view (bookmark don’t allow “negative” coordinates) so PDF Studio creates a bookmark on Page 2 in such a way that Page 3 is also showing.

We are aware that PDF Studio’s behavior is different from other PDF tools (for instance Adobe Acrobat). In this situation, other tools will create a bookmark for Page 3 and when you click on the bookmark it will show page 3 only (from the top) and Page 2 will not be visible.

In PDF Studio 7, we follow this approach as it is more consistent with the PDF specifications for how bookmarks are saved and less confusing for users that expect the bookmark to be on Page 3.

In PDF Studio 6, if you’re trying to create a bookmark for Page 3, simply make sure that Page 2 is not showing on the screen or create bookmarks in Single Page View instead of Continuous Page View.