Q: We are deploying PDF Studio to a few users. How can we disable software update checks for all users?

A: To disable the automated check for version updates, from PDF Studio application, go under Files -> Preferences -> Application. Under Updates change “Check for Updates” from “Monthly” (the default) to “Never”.

To make sure all users get the same settings, you can setup all settings and preferences within PDF Studio for a given user and then copy the settings file (settings.xml) from your user home folder (on Windows C:\Users\MyUserName\.pdfstudio2019\settings.xml) into the PDF Studio installation folder under the “defaults” folder (on Windows C:\Program Files\PDFStudio2019\defaults), after installing the application on your user machines.

When users launch PDF Studio the first time on a machine, the default settings will be read from that defaults folder. From the second launch and on, the setting will be read from the user home folder.

To reset all settings for a user, you can wipe out the PDF Studio user settings folder, i.e, delete all the files and folders located under that folder (On Windows, C:\Users\MyUserName\.pdfstudio2019).