Standard PDF Studio users will be happy to know that a few features that were exclusively for PDF Studio Pro are now available in the Standard edition.

You can see the features that were moved and details on them below:

Measuring Annotations

The measurement annotations available are distance annotation which measures the distance of an object in the document, perimeter annotation which measures the length of all sides of the object or a multi-segment line, and area annotation which determines the area of the object or shape. Users can use various unit types such as pt, mm, in, ft, m, etc., that can be set and displayed next to the measurement. There is also the ability to calibrate each tool to match the scale in the document for accurate measurements.

The measuring annotations can be accessed by going to the Comment Tab > navigating to the Measuring section > Selecting your desired Measuring Annotation.

Fix Scans

Perform multiple repair functions on scanned documents. This can be helpful if a user does not have access to the original document or is unable to rescan the document to manually fix an issue. With access to fix scan, standard users will be able to OCR, optimize documents, and deskew them if they are crooked. Users are offered the option to fix a single scanned page in a document, a selected page range or the whole document..

To access Fix Scans go to Document Tab >  Fix Scan.

Fast Sign

Create electronic signature stamps that can be applied to documents easily. The signature can be created multiple different ways, by users using a signature font, drawing a signature with their mouse, or by importing a scanned image of their signature. Once the user saves the document, all the form fields will be flattened to prevent additional editing. Once the signature is created users can easily apply it to future documents in order to efficiently sign them.

To access Fast Sign go to the Secure Tab > Select Create New or Manage an existing one.


Create a text searchable PDF. The OCR dialogue box has options for users to set a primary language and enable a secondary one if needed for the document. Users will have the ability to choose from over 60 languages they can download in the download manager. Change the OCR options to automatically OCR documents when they are scanned. Lastly, users can adjust the image processing along with the DPI resolution to help enhance the image as it is being scanned.

To access OCR go to the Document Tab > Navigate to the Process PDF section > Select OCR and OCR Options will open.

Enhanced Merging tools

These enhanced merging tools allow users to merge files a lot more efficiently.

There are multiple ways to merge files:

  • From the Welcome Screen > Create PDF > From Multiple Files, select the files you wish to merge/convert into a single PDF.
  • From  Convert Tab > From Multiple Files > using Add Files or Add Folder select the files you wish to merge/convert into a single PDF.
  • When a document is open, you can drag files into PDF Studio thumbnail pane to append new files into the currently open document.

Side by Side Compare

This helpful feature allows users to open PDF documents in the same window next to each other so the user is able to compare them visually.

This can easily be done by the user opening an initial document (Document A) then going to the Document tab > Compare Side by Side located in the toolbar > Select the second document you wish to open (Document B). You will see Document A on the left and Document B on the right, in the same window ready to compare side by side.

Split PDF

PDF Studio Standard users can now split documents or separate pages six different ways such as by splitting them into equal size documents, splitting them by blank pages, splitting them by page range, splitting them by bookmarks, splitting them before a specified text, or splitting them after a specified text.

To split a PDF go to the Pages Tab >  Split > choose an Existing Split Profile or a new one by selecting Custom Split on the toolbar, then fill in your desired split PDF options.