Here is a video showing you how to change the text and background color of a document for ease of reading and accessibility. This feature was added in PDF Studio 2021.

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi, today I’m going to show you how to change document colors to increase contrast, make reading easier for all users, and pdf documents in general more accessible through accessibility preferences.
  2. Prior to this version you can invert colors in a document by simply going to the view tab clicking invert colors and you could change the text of the document to white on a black background and you can invert it back.
  3. Now you can better customize the document colors by simply going to the file tab clicking preferences and then accessibility.
  4. Once you press that a list of document color options will appear. To enable these features you would click the “Replace Document Colors” box and so now you have access to these options.
  5. The use of high contrast colors by default will be selected. Then you have high contrast color combinations box, in this box you will have a list of presets already in the software. So say you want to select yellow text on a black background, you select it and then we’ll press ok. So as you can see there’s yellow text on a black background throughout the whole document. Keep in mind photos will not be affected by color options and accessibility, so once you change your color the photo will remain the same.
  6. You can also go more in detail with your text and line art and color options in accessibility. Say you only want to change text that was originally black to this new color combination you go to file > preferences — it’ll already be clicked > accessibilities and you will click the box “Only Change the Color of Black Text or Line Art”. Press ok and so this text was originally in red and not black so it will automatically go back to its default color and since these colors were black they will remain the same as the color combination already picked.
  7. You want to change the color of line art as well as text and it does not matter if it was originally black or not. So we go back to file > preferences > accessibilities, we’ll deselect this box and click the box that says “Change the Color of Line Art as Well as Text”. Press ok. So as you can see the shape and the line art was changed to the color combination we picked as well as the text that was not originally black was also reverted back to the original color combination we picked.
  8. Say we have a user that’s visually impaired and they can only work with monochromatic color combinations, where there’s one single color but they work within different shades or hues. So to make this more customizable we’ll go back to file, we’ll select preferences again and we’ll select custom color. So you can change the page background, it’s going to be pink and we want the text color be a darker hue which is red. So we’ll select that and then we’ll press ok. So as you can see it changed that customized color, it’s the same color but just different shades of the hue that’ll work better for that user.
  9. So, today I properly demonstrated to you how to better customize document colors in order to make documents more accessible and more accommodating. Thank you for listening.