Q: When I go to edit-> preferences I get an error message that says “Windows-MY not found” but it still let’s me go to the preferences menu and everything appears to be working. What does this mean?

Windows-MY Err

A: PDF Studio Version 9 is packaged with Java 1.6.0_37. The 64-bit version of this Java version has a bug that is preventing the Windows Mystore keys to be loaded into PDF Studio. This error will only affect your ability to see or sign using Windows IDs and so everything else will continue to work properly in PDF Studio.

Here are a few workarounds:

  • Download the latest version of PDF Studio 9 to not see this dialog popping up when going to Preferences.
  • Install the 32 bit installer in order to sign with Windows IDs with PDF Studio 9.
  • Upgrade to PDF Studio 10 or above (which comes packaged with Java 7 or above) in order to sign with Windows IDs with the 64-bit installer.