Q: I noticed there is a new version of PDF Studio. I am currently running the version X.x.x. Should I uninstall the older version before I install the new version?  Or is it OK to just install the new one over the old one?

A: This will depend on whether or not you would like to have two different versions on your system. You can either have PDF Studio update your current version or PDF Studio can be installed in two separate directories so that you can keep both versions running if you would like. 

Installing the Update

  1. First download the new version either when prompted by PDF Studio or from Qoppa website
  2. Once downloaded run the installer application as you normally would
  3. When the installer starts you will be given two choices
    • “Yes, Update the existing installation” – This will replace your current installation with the new version, and keep all of your settings
    • “No, Install in a different directory” – This will allow you to set a new directory to install PDF Studio and keep both versions on your system and create separate shortcuts for each one
    • Installing Update
  4. Complete the installation process by following the on screen instructions
  5. Once complete, run the application as you normally would.