We’ve seen a lot of new companies appear in the PDF arena in the last 5 years and we sometimes wonder how these companies come to market so fast! In this list, we find Wondershare, ISkysoft and Aimersoft. We’ve done some research about these companies and here is what we found.

Macworld article puts ISkysoft and Wondershare on “spammers list”

Christopher Breen put ISkysoft and Wondershare, two companies publishing PDF software, on “the spammer list”.  Here is an extract from his post:

“These companies work this way. A Chinese-based company creates these utilities—generally some kind of media converter or ripper. Invariably open-source software like FFmpeg lies underneath this stuff, though it’s not always credited as it’s supposed to be. That company then has several brands. The software’s interface is skinned differently for each brand, but is otherwise the same in terms of functionality. The interfaces are invariably garish and the UI clumsy. I had the opportunity to test one—iSkysoft’s $39 DVD Ripper ( ) and it wasn’t good—there were an overwhelming number of presets (many of which produced poor results) and regardless of which preset you used the resulting video wasn’t nearly as good as video ripped with free software such as HandBrake ( ).

The software is advertised through forum spam—usually in the form of tutorials that show you how to use it—but there’s sock puppeting going on as well. These companies will often first pose a question along the lines of “How do I convert my videos for the iPad?” and then, under a different identity (but using the same IP address), answer their own question with a recommendation for one of these tools. Additionally, they create shareware sites that, coincidentally enough, rave about these products in fake reviews.”

Read more here: https://www.macworld.com/article/1153685/speaking_spammers.html

Lifehackers accuses Wondershare of false claims

Adam Dackis from lifehackers writes that “Wondershare placed a false claim on their PDF Editor software that we considered it the best. They even created a fake Lifehacker approval image to act as if we provided them with an official award. We listed it as an alternative here, but as Wondershare has opted to falsely market their product with a seal of approval from us that we never provided, we ask that you do not buy from them.

Read more: https://lifehacker.com/5841747/the-best-pdf-viewereditor-for-mac


A whirlpool.net forum accuses Wondershare / ISkysoft / Aimersoft of  being a scam

And here is the link and extract to another forum that is also very critical about Wondershare and ISkysoft:

“This company is a scam using unethical approaches to sell their products. Wondershare is using multiple re-branding.
Wondershare, Aimersoft, iSkysoft is using blogs and forums to do advertising.
Wondershare, Aimersoft, iSkysoft ect…are all the same people using blog spamming.
The Mac community kicked Wondershare, Aimersoft, etc. out from MacUpdate in fall 2008.
The software is expensive for what it does and are very unstable. Also that’s kind of strange but open source softwares do the same.
On MacUpdate through iSkysoft that time, and there were a lot of negative comments, especially from people who had actually bought the product and couldn’t get it to work and then couldn’t get any support.”

Read more: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1248626

The 2 applications Wondershare and ISkysoft look very similar and are probably the same, just 2 different names to market them.
The 2 applications Wondershare and ISkysoft look very similar indeed… Could they be the same application marketed under different names?

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We’re not sure if everything mentioned above is true but it would certainly explain how some new companies became visible so fast!

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